Estrellita Tented

Thank you Paul Ware (Triton Yachts, Oriental, NC) for getting my vessel safely in Dave’s tent for painting.  It won’t be long now before she is back in the water for some Winter and Spring sailing.  I plan to defer the cabin interior and electrical restoration until summer 2014.



Queued for Final Finsh

Estrellita was moved this morning from her home for the past year to the short queue in line for applying finish coats. Fabrication of two fiberglass propane lockers in the stern quarters and new fiberglass cockpit locker hatches is nearly complete. (No more dinky leaky pressed board hatches.) Replacement windows will be installed when the final finish has been completed.

Forty years of spider cracks in the gel coat and paint were removed down to bare fiberglass then hours and hours of fairing with 2-part epoxy before applying primer after which hours more of  filling, sanding & primer coats.




Windows, Propane Lockers, Hatches and Non-Skid

Project is coming along nicely, if slowly. I took a one-week vacation from my 9 to 5 job to fill and sand decks and cabin. The first coat of primer applied last week exposed a million plus pin holes in the surface but we are a week closer to final primer now. The yard owner graciously allowed me to work at my own slow pace for the entire week.


Replacement windows (PVC frames with ½-inch tempered reflective bronze tint glazing) delivered this week from Mark Plastics in Corona, CA .


The builder and I have come to an agreement on propane lockers. Eight-inch fiberglass tubes will be glassed into the stern quarters and fitted with flush mounted deck plates from Viking Marine aft of the port and stbd. cockpit lockers.

The builder noted that the companion way hatch was weak (thin) and will beef this up with foam and glass on the underside so I can stand on it to reef the main without it flexing.   He has done the same for the engine access hatch over in the cockpit sole and the forward hatch.


A decision was made to fabricate cockpit locker hatches from fiberglass to replace the existing composite board hatch covers dictated by my preference to have a uniform non-skid appearance in the cockpit. The locker covers (3) will have the same radius as the cockpit well and fit flush with the well sides.

The non-skid areas will use a nylon net encapsulated in resin. Samples are good looking, tough and easy on the knees.


Good night . . . .   Working under the sun in hot and humid weather with no air is not my idea of fun. Here is my baby all wrapped up for the night.


Reshaping the Cabin Top and Rebuilding the Cockpit Sole

The cabin top needs no explanation.  The cockpit is fitted with an engine access hatch fastened with about a dozen  2-inch hex screws. It is being rebuilt from 3/4-inch foam and fiberglass. New nylon honycomb non-skid will be applied with the finish coats .  The two ‘pipe’ sockets in the photos make it possible to move the two legged salon table to the cockpit for ‘outside’ dining.