Golly Molly!

Masking off deck and cabin top areas.to be covered with nylon net fabric bonded to surface with resin prior to top coating to provide non-skid surface.  Eloquent, safe and easy on the butt and bare feet.

Boatyard reports that Estrellita should be coming out of the ‘tent’ the middle of next week (Oct 10).  My guess is that they will have to move that big cat in front of me before she does.


Hatches & Propane Lockers

Small last minute details before final prime and top coat go on next week. Newly fabricated replacement cockpit hatches (3) and two propane lockers to be installed in the stern quarters on risers in the lazerette so they vent overboard above the water line.

Propane lockers use prefabricated fiberglass tubes with stock cam lock deck plates. Tops of each to stand about 4-inches proud above the narrow deck aft of the cockpit coaming.