Introducing Estrellita


The star Vega in the constellation Lyra is one of the 30 or more stars used for celestial navigation. Vega is the second brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere.

This Vega, hull number 1554, is a forty year old sailing vessel that was manufactured in Sweden by Albin Marin. More than 3400 of these boats were built between 1968 and 1979. Many of these boats have made extensive voyages including some circumnavigations.

Ownership of the vessel, currently named Puffin, will soon be transferred from her former owners to the author.  Only a few small details remain before settlement.

In my mind, I have already given her the name Estrellita which translates as ‘little star’.   In the Spanish language, the diminutive of a name is often used to denote affection or endearment so the name Estrellita has double meaning for me.  I am confident she will not disappoint me.