Hurricane Irene

Estrellita survived Irene without as much as a scratch. No more than a tea cup of rainwater found its way into the cabin, mainly through the forward hatch and around the mast.

Sustained winds at Wayfarer’s Cove were reported to be 60 to 70 knots.  The storm surge was reported to be 12-foot.  Irene’s eye passed within 25 NM to the east of the marina. I spent a couple of hours at the boat on Sunday morning hosing loose debris from the deck, clearing one cockpit drain that had filled with debris and checking mooring lines. As a bonus, I found my nearby 5 x 10 rented storage facility with spare parts, sails and cushions dry as a bone.

From what I could see, no boats in the marina or in the nearby boatyard suffered more than minor damage. Damage appeared to be limited to dodgers, bimini tops and wind vanes. There was minor damage to a few of the fixed wooden piers and the boardwalk. One of my bowlines tied to a cleat on the boardwalk lifted half the 2 x 8 plank from the stringer.  Some kind soul must have removed my line because I found it on the fore deck the morning after.